About Ellen…


Ellen is known for her quirky, fun designs! She has been knitting for 30 years, and picked up crochet a few years ago. As a left-handed knitter/crocheter she has particular expertise in encouraging left-handed crafters to achieve their full potential. Ellen is also a valuable resource to crafters of all hand orientations and is always willing to answer questions, work out problems, and encourage them as they craft along their journey. She has been publishing her patterns for several years under her own brand Knitti Politi, and her work has also been featured in major UK crafting publications.

Knitting/crocheting heroes: Stephanie Dosen, Kieran Foley, Lucy of Attic24, my grandmother
Favourite place to craft: in a comfy chair, covered in knitted throws, listening to the radio
Random fact: Ellen hates honey, don’t give/knit her any….!



About Deann…

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Deann is a fearless knitter! Although she only learned to knit a few years ago, she was designing and modifying patterns and stitches from the get-go, rapidly absorbing and gaining a wealth of technical knowledge along the way. Deann also learned to crochet while learning to knit, and although she prefers knitting she has helped crocheters too and has taught her daughter to crochet. She is well-respected in the online knitting community for her expert help and tips for any kind of technical situation, from cast-on to finishing, and in her local community where she organises knit nights. She has acted as technical editor and pattern tester for a broad range of popular designers, guided many crafters through their first steps in modifying and creating their own pieces from scratch, as well as publishing patterns under her own brand Edelweiss Knits.

Knitting/crocheting heroes: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Joan McGowan-Michael
Favourite place to craft: in a comfy, cosy spot with coffee, tea, and friends nearby
Random fact: Deann makes orange peel stars when peeling oranges…!



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