Hiatus.. and then some.

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Hello Everyone, Deann here.

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have posted! This past year and a half has been both long and short all at the same time. So much, and yet so little has happened. I will spare you all the gory details and just say that usual things have happened: kid stuff, illnesses, financial stuff, time crunches, Life. That last one sums it up pretty neatly and is one of my favorite sayings. Some people like to use different ones like ‘it happens’ or ‘shit appens’ or ‘things happen’; but for me it is much more accurate and all age appropriate 😉 to say Life Happens. Because it does, doesn’t it.

Sometimes life happens slowly, and sometimes life comes at you all at once. I found this quote the other day by Paulo Coelho saying the same. There for a while on our mutual endeavors when life kicked in it would alternate between Ellen and I, and we would be able to fill in for each other. Life went overtime on us recently and took us both on hiatus for a while. I am slowly emerging again, finally! And Ellen will be back at some point as well.

Life Happens
Life Happens

Ellen is doing better than I have been however and is still actually managing to knit and crochet during hers. Rest assured she will be back to showing her lovely projects soon.

Shocking as it sounds to those who know me, and those living the life of a knitter/crocheter, I have only managed to finish a couple of small items in the last year and only have a couple of items in progress. With that being said.. on to the good stuff!

Projects I am working on right now are the Vanessa Ives Shawl and a baby sweater that I am designing. I started the shawl earlier this year, but have not made a lot of progress on it. I will take pictures and make another post soon to show what I have managed. It is a beautiful pattern and I look forward to finishing it up, hopefully by the end of the year! The baby sweater is for a baby girl due in January so I am definitely on a deadline for this one. It is a lovely soft blue wool and bamboo blend, and will have sparkley pink heart buttons. Pictures for this will be coming soon as well.

Projects I have actually started and finished this year are a couple of washcloths for my daughter’s friend. The friend and her husband bought a new house (their first home together) and we were invited to their housewarming. The friend’s favorite color is purple and she loves bows so my daughter asked me to make her something purple with bows. I needed it to be quick and went with washcloths. Washcloths seem a bit inconsequential at times, but are really worth the time. You have a chance to practice stitches you have not done before, work out design ideas that you are experimenting with, and you end up with something useful in the end. Plus it is a great quick finish project when you are needing something quick for a gift or to just feel like you actually accomplished something. (that last bit was what I was needing at that moment, and I can tell you it did feel great to actually finish a project)


I decided to make her two washcloths. I went with the traditional ‘Home is Where the Heart is’ sentiment for the first, and then created an array of bows for the second. We then bundled these with a candle and pretty soap, as well as a houseplant that my daughter picked out. She loved her gifts. 🙂 I will write these up soon in case anyone else would like to make them.

I hope you all are doing well and are getting lots of projects in! What are you all working on?