My turn to check in..

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Hello Everyone!

You may have noticed Ellen and I have been off of our schedule lately. We both have tons going on and are trying to figure out how to work everything in. We may be switching things up a bit to make up for this, or eventually get back to our regular posts with extras thrown in. Stay tuned to see which way we go. 🙂

The last time I updated on here I hadn’t been knitting much due to not feeling very well. I am still struggling with fatigue and not done much knitting.. and have started a new job which is doing its part to wear me out! 🙂 I am enjoying the new job though, and can’t pass up the chance to make extra yarn money.

I have managed to start a small sample for Ellen’s Fondant Brocade Pillow pattern that will be out soon. I am really liking the pink and green together in this pattern. I might make it into a little wall hanging once finished.

FBP sample 1rnd


Oct 28 2015 2

Speaking of more yarn.. Look at what I got in the mail this last week! Ellen, sweet friend that she is, sent me a Deramore’s gift card for my birthday last month and I picked out these two with it. This is Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply/sport in Gold and Deep Chestnut.

I like them together so I may find a project to use them both up with. I am looking forward to trying out this yarn, I like the name Fyberspates and I know Ellen has used some of this brand and likes it. The yarn truly does feel scrumptious, nice and soft! Now just to figure out what to make with it!

This yarn here I bought up in Chattanooga from the ‘playpen’ in Genuine Purl. The playpen is where discounted yarn goes and often can get things half price. Love it! This pretty yarn is Jilly by Dream in Color, fingering weight in 100% superwash merino wool, in colorway Rosy.

I have actually picked out a project for this yarn. I want to make the Vanessa Ives MKAL shawl. This will be my first beaded project and I have bought some pretty beads that have a pink glimmer to them to match the yarn as well as some fancy floss stuff to use for putting the beads on. Now just to get the yarn wound and summon some energy to get started!

Oct 28 2015 1

Vanessa Ives MKAL pattern by bunnymuff