What we’ve been up to this week…!

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Deann has been super busy this week so I’m holding the fort today! I don’t have any WIPs to show, nothing has made any progress! I’ve been quite occupied running pattern tests so I can get my new winter set out at the start of next month.

But this weekend I did still find time to knit and also help out a couple of other designers with some little projects, so I’m excited to show you those!


This first one was a test knit for Handarbeitskram on Ravelry. It’s a “pin-eater” pin cushion. A little monster who gobbles up pins. The pattern is easy and fun to do and no seaming! You can decorate your little monster anyway you want to. I decided to give mine an embroidered mouth and fangs and used knit buttons for his eyes. Then I added eyebrows in the same colour as the eyes to give him a bit more character.

The pattern is on special offer at the moment, visit the link below to check it out!

The second thing I made at the weekend were the knit buttons I used for the eyes of the monster. This was a project I made for Wee Sandy on Ravelry.

knitted buttons

It’s a very handy little pattern to have to refer back to anytime I might want to make more and contains detailed photo instructions for each step for making them. I threaded mine on to pieces of card to store them and made a hole at the top with a holepunch to draw all the ends through which keeps them snug. The pattern is available to buy at the link below.

You can also visit Wee Sandy’s group on Ravelry to discover a special deal on any of her patterns that don’t have many projects yet, more details are publicised at the top of the group. Worth checking out!