WIP Wednesday.. or not!

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Sep 30 2015

Deann here..
This week somehow.. even though we live on two different continents.. Ellen and I have managed to both get the crud. We generally do well and get it at separate times so it doesn’t take us both out at the same time, but this year I think we have been in sync with our crud catching. Not a goal we worked for!

I have still been feeling way too under the weather to do any knitting so my poor socks are still at the same point they were weeks ago, but Ellen did manage to work on (and finish!) her winter accessory set. Here it is right after blocking, aren’t they¬†lovely? I think this one will be in for testing soon, along with my shawl pattern. Be sure to check in with us if you would like to be a tester for us. We will be running the tests on our group on Ravelry.

Hope you all are having a wonderful crafty week!