Thrifty Thursday

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Can’t believe it is Thursday already! Ellen and I both got caught up in life this week and totally missed WIP Wednesday yesterday. We should be back on track next week, with hopefully some new stuff to show you. For now enjoy our limited offers round up below and happy crafting!

FREE until September 30th! No code needed. Just click add to cart and price will autodeduct.
Sleeved Wrap pattern by Lori-Anne Ketola

Free for a limited time, no code needed!
Game Day Letter Hat pattern by Sharon Morey

Anyone here a Supernatural fan? My daughter is a huge fan! 🙂 Supernatural MKAL will be released starting with the Season Premier of Season 11 on October 7, with each subsequent clue being released once a week on Wednesdays. Half price til the first clue is released, Free if you can answer the trivia question.
Supernatural MKAL pattern by Shannon Sanchez

Showing this one again because it is an awesome sweater that I wish I had the patience to make, free til the end of the month.
Scottish Ale pattern by Cheryl Beckerich

Pretty shawl pattern 20% off until September 30th, using code: loveseptember
Puaka Shawlette pattern by Francoise Danoy

Get 50% off until September 30th, using the coupon code: plucktober
Triple Point pattern by Colleen Abbot

Hat pattern free until October 5th, using code: teacollection
Acai pattern by Clare Devine

Fingerless Mitts pattern, free for a limited time, using code: Penzance
Croust Fingerless Mitts pattern by Miranda Jollie

Pretty pattern offered 25 % off until Sunday the 27th at Noon.
Casual Romance Wrap pattern by Kelene Kinnersly

30% off until midnight on October 1st (GMT+1) No coupon code needed.
Tlaxcala iPad Sleeve pattern by Renée Kies