A well-loved knit…

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I thought today I’d share a nice experience with you all.

This week I was visiting my parents, they have a new place and now everything is finally unpacked (just about!).

And…draped over a little chair is a knit of mine. I must have made this at least 10 years ago now. It was originally a large wrap that I made for my Nan, she had asked me for something blue. But now it’s operating as a throw my mother uses to spruce up the chair, with a coordinating cushion. It has really stood the test of time and I was happy to see it being loved and that is has been so well cared for over there! So I took a photo.


It’s just a simple feather and fan stitch rectangle but the beautiful yarn really worked in this. I remember that it’s pure wool from New Lanark, a heather mixture DK weight. They still spin the same yarns and they are available to buy online.

I also made one for myself, in grey, and I’ve found a picture of that as well, lurking in my Ravelry projects, so here’s mine. I am not sure where it is in my own house though! I had to move so many times since I made it, but this weekend I’m going to have a hunt for it and start using it again. This photo is not so great as my camera has improved since then! If I find this one I’ll take a new photo and add it to the posting later.

grey ripple shawl

These were some of the first things I made when I started getting back, seriously, into knitting again after a bit of a break, one of my friends had been learning and making some lovely things and encouraged me to pick up my needles again. So I picked something easy to get me going. I’ll have more on that story in Knit’s my Life when I write the next episodes! The stitch pattern and the fact that you just keep knitting and knitting on these is really good for helping get good tension and neat work.

I’ve even found the free pattern that I found online to get me going on these pieces! It’s from Lion Brand, so to get the pattern you have to register with the site first. Maybe I can encourage others to pick up their needles again with this little wander into the past!