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Deann here… Ellen is finishing up her vacation this week, I am sure she will tell us all about it soon!

Here is my update for the week.. Very wordy!

This week I have been working a lot outside in the yard. We actually had a couple of days that were only in the 80s (27c-32c), or at least a few hours on those days that fit that temp.. Most of our days have been 90s, and even hitting triple digits in Fahrenheit. That’s 32-38+ in Celsius. Very hot! Anyway :D I have been working out in the yard, trying to embrace gardening some.. I do like flowers and colorful plants, but I don’t seem to have inherited my mom and grandmother’s green thumbs, at least not yet. When I have not been out in the yard working or doing my mom duties I have been getting in some knitting time with my shawl that I metioned a few weeks back. I have finished the first section and am on the the next section of the pattern. I can’t wait to see how this one blocks. I am trying to decide how I want to finish it off.. My husband thinks I should do a clean edging, not a frilly one.. I was leaning more towards some kind of leaf or flower edging, I think I am all about the leaves right now pining for Autumn!

To cool off, I go into my craft building and sit in the rocking chair mom gave me recently. I will post pics soon of my craft building, I am still working on it. When I went out there this weekend I didn’t take my project with me, so I had to start another one. I decided to try a felting yarn that I had bought on clearance some time ago but have not used yet. It is Caron Felt It, a super bulky 100% wool yarn, in colourway Heather. I am using large needles and just random stitch patterns to see what looks good in this yarn. I love the colors! Once I have a pretty good piece knit I am going to felt it and see how that works out. Then I will assemble it into a pump pocket for my daughter’s insulin pump. Will keep you posted on my progress.

And an update on the Summer Mesh KAL – I have finished the majority of the knitting, so just have to do the seaming and knit the neck. I have been procrastinating this part for the last week! At first all of my tapestry needles had disappeared, don’t know where they all run off to.. But while out in my craft building I noticed I have one laying on the desk, so that excuse doesn’t work anymore. I am going to try to finish it up this week, so I can block and wear it soon. Look for finished pics soon.

Pocion Shawl, showing some progress..
Pocion Shawl, showing some progress..
Felting Fun
Felting Fun

What are you working on this week? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. Sarah Evans

    What are you making with the felted yarn? :)

  2. Sarah Evans

    Oh, I just found out, lol. :D

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