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Hello Everyone šŸ™‚ I have been busy the last few days, but have managed to get some knitting done as well! I have still mostly been concentrating on our Summer Mesh KAL that Ellen and I are doing together. I have been working away at the front and now have the right shoulder finished, neck stitches on a holder, and working the left shoulder. I am not completely sure that I have done it right, but I am happy with it all the same. I took notes while doing the right side so hopefully I can match the left side up, so even if I didn’t do it correctly they will at least match! I have had lots of compliments on this colourway, so think I chose the right one. Also I am still loving this cotton/silk blend, it is so nice to work with as it glides through your fingers. I think I shall finish up the left shoulder this evening and then I get to practice seaming. I am a bit apprehensive over that part.. I am not the most practiced seamster and I really want this top to look nice when I finish it. I am already loving the ripple effect of the stitch pattern and don’t want to mess it all up with shoddy seaming. Wish me luck!

Wonderful Iris Summer KAL 5 rnd

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I’m on holiday atĀ the momentĀ and haven’t had time for knitting, although my mesh top came with me. Deann has raced ahead of me. I may get some done next week.

I will definitely be back around the 16th with a new pattern release, as I have a design in testing which is nearly ready and I plan to publish that when I am back to work.

Until then, happy summer knitting/crocheting!

What are you working on this week? Leave us a comment and let us know!