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Ellen is currently working on…

I’m on holiday right now in Canada. But my mesh top came with me in my suitcase as my travel project, so I’m working on that here and there. Deann has raced ahead of me in our little KAL! I’ve almost finished the back piece though. Hopefully I will finish it while I am away.

I had a little trouble keeping in mesh pattern after a decrease just before the arm edging appeared. Somehow I found it a bit of a pain. I think I was a little tired from travelling and not in the mood for thinking! So I had to rip back a few rows a couple of times until I cracked that issue.

As well as working on this, I have just been enjoying being away, and yesterday I bought a couple of knitting magazines, it’s nice to pick up some that I don’t see at home. I may also get to a yarn store if I have time, see what I can find over here.


Deann is currently working on…

Wonderful Iris Summer KAL 4 rnd

I am slowly working on the front of mine. I actually haven’t done much knitting this week. The heat, humidity, and rampant allergens in the South here has had me feeling a bit rundown lately, even too tired to knit more than a row or two at a time if at all. I did manage to get some knitting done last night though and made it through the third section on the front. I am on the first row of the fourth section now. Here in the picture the top is folded in half, but the color is pretty true. 🙂

We are busy planning for the school year to start back up, and getting back into the swing of things. I am hoping to get myself on a better schedule, with scheduled knitting/pattern working time. 😀 My shawl pattern has been languishing while I have been working on the mesh top.