Thrifting on Thursdays

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It might seem silly to some people to see or hear about us knitting washcloths.. I have to admit when I first started knitting I could not imagine myself knitting something that we can get so cheaply in stores.. But then I realized what little gems handknit cloths are: they are great for small quick gifts, great for ourselves to use, but even more importantly to me they offer an oppurtunity to practice new stitches and techniques on a smaller scale. Have you seen a pattern that you really want to try, but the stitch pattern seems a bit confusing and it makes casting on the whole project intimidating? Take the stitch pattern out and make a washcloth with it! Then you not only have practice with the pattern and are ready to advance to the sweater, hat, etc.. but you also have a lovely cloth ready for gifting or spoiling yourself with. 🙂
Here are 4 stitch patterns to practice in the form of cloths, they are free for a limited time.

This little owl is so cute! Work on your crochet techniques with this little guy and make someone in your life very happy.. maybe even yourself! Free until the end of July using coupon code: FREEBIE
Little Owl Baby pattern by Joanne Jordan

Free cowl pattern, for a limited time, no code needed.
Scowl pattern by Stephanie Shiman

New, freely offered pattern! Celtic Rainbow Socks, no code needed.
Celtic Rainbow socks pattern by Lea Lacoste