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A little bit of a different set up this week. Ellen is busy with family and not online at the moment. We have been busy over here too, but I wanted to pop on for a moment and let you all know what we are up to. Ellen and I both have tests running on Ravelry in our StitchGeek Forum. You can join us on there and follow along, even join in tests if you are interested in them. Along with our tests we also both have individual projects going as well as our Summer Mesh KAL that we mentioned last week. Ellen has mostly been working on finishing up a pair of socks that are to be a gift for a quickly approaching birthday and her mesh top. I believe she is about halfway or so through the back of the top. In the pattern we work the back first, then the front. No sleeves! 😉

Summer Mesh KAL, Pink Version
Summer Mesh KAL, Pink Version

I have been mostly focusing on the mesh top with a little bit of work on one of my other projects, a new shawl design. I have finished the back and started on the front of the top. I hope I did the cast off stuff correctly on the back. It was my first time working a Drops pattern as well as a seamed top, and I think Ellen told me that this type of staggered cast off is called a stair step cast off. It helps to form the shoulders and arms without too much bulk or weird shapes from what I understand of it. It will be interesting to see how it all comes together in the end. It is good to be working this with Ellen as she can help me over any hurdles! Plus I have a few top designs in mind and it is good to work out how to make these better before trying to write them out, for me anyway. With what I learn here it should help me with a top design that has been floating around in my head for a while.. Just have to finish the knitting, learn the seaming, and then do some more knitting! 😀

This shawl will be my first shawl design, I hope it comes out well. So far I am really liking the material that I am getting with the Malabrigo wool. I am using a worsted weight wool, but this pattern will be able to be worked with any weight wool desired. It will affect the size though, and the amount of yarn used of course. I am still deciding on the size for this one. I had at first planned to make it a one skein shawl, but now am thinking it might use two skeins because the first stitch pattern that I am using, and loving with this variegated yarn, makes the shawl short and wide. This is one of my favorite things about knitting.. It is always a learning process, so much more to discover each time you make something new or use a new yarn, fiber, needles, etc. I do generally like my shawls to be a bit bigger in the end because I am a big person, but will see how the creative juices flow in the end. I have the rest of the shawl worked out in my head and on paper, just have to see how it plays out in the knitting.

New shawl design, tentatively called Pocion after the colorway of the yarn.
New shawl design, tentatively called Pocion. Not the best photo here.. the colors are washed out.