WWWO, Summer Mesh KAL

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No this is not some kind of World Wide Wrestling post.. 😀 That is just an abbreviation for our usual Wednesday post of What We’re Working On. This week is a special edition!
We often work on the same projects due to testing each other’s patterns and such, but every once in a while we like to pick a project and work on it together as a KAL (knit along). Previously we chose a Tin Can Knits pattern, the Antler Cardi, to knit along together. That was fun. You can see Ellen’s project page here and Deann’s project page here. This time we have chosen a Drop’s pattern, the Wonderful Iris mesh summer top, to work on together. Read how it is going for each of us below:

Ellen says…

I love knitting a garment along with Deann! Here is my progress. For this top I’m using Sirdar Cotton Rich Aran in shade Bay Grey. I wanted to use cotton but my hands don’t like pure cotton (I find it a bit tough on them, I’m a tighter knitter) so this blend with acrylic is working well for me.

I discovered this pattern through a summer supplement booklet I got with Simply Knitting magazine. Which I initially started working from, but unfortunately it had been really badly written up into the booklet and was full of errors. However I found out it is also a free pattern available from Drops online, so Deann could join me! The issues I had working from the booklet caused me to frog almost the whole back piece I’d made and start again working from the original, which is going much better.

The garment has an awful lot of positive ease and I am not matching gauge exactly. I could, but I don’t want to go down a needle size or more, really because I don’t want my mesh to be any denser, I want to be vented in a summer top! So I’m working from size small directions for width and medium for length on this one.


Deann says…

Wonderful Iris Summer KAL 1

I had been wanting to make a summer top for a while now, just haven’t prioritized it. When Ellen told me a few weeks ago that she had found one she wanted to make I asked her to send me a link so I could check it out, I liked it too and decided to go ahead and cast on with her. I found some yarn that I like in a lovely pink shade. It is Premier Yarns’ Deborah Norville Soft Silk Cotton in the Fuchsia Flower colorway. I think this one will look great over a black, gray or brown tank top. I love it on my gray sheets here.

So far the pattern has went well for me. Mostly because Ellen cast on first and discovered how much ease was in it and what we needed to do. So I am making the large size around with the extra-large size lengths. I am up to the first ‘garter bar’ here on the back, and have quite a ways to go.