Yarn Talk

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Do you ever wonder what people think as they are eavesdropping on us crafters chatting and crafting with our yarn? I do. We tend to have our own language, talking of WIPs and frogging and KALs.. Not only do we learn to read patterns and stitches to make lovely FOs, but we invent our own language and learn it as well. Crafting.. not just good for making pretty things and keeping busy, also great for the brain.

Here is a list of acronyms and words that we use when talking about yarn:

WIP – Work In Progress, what you are working on.
UFO – UnFinished Object, an object that is not finished but that you aren’t working on at the moment.
FO – Finished Object, an object that you finished!
PHD – Project Half Done
Frog – Ripping out your work, rip it rip it..
Tink – Unknitting you work to fix a mistake, Knit spelled backwards is Tink.
FOTH – Fresh Off The Hook
TOAD – Tossed Out in Absolute Disgust
Frog Pond – Where your projects sit while waiting to be Frogged.
KAL – Knit-along, everyone knits along together, either the same pattern or theme.
CAL – Crochet-along, everyone crochets along together, either the same pattern or theme.
SAL – Stitch-along, everyone knits/crochets along together, either the same pattern or theme.
Startitis – Starting a new project while others are still on the needle, just because you have to.
SABLE – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy (You will never use it all before you die!)
WPI – Wraps Per Inch; tells you if the yarn is worsted, finger or lace weight, etc.
K – Knit
P – Purl
PU – Pick up/pick up & knit
YO – Yarn over
M1L – Make 1 left
M1R – Make 1 right
RS – Right side (of work or public side)
WS – Wrong side (of work)
CO – Cast on
BO – Bind off
K2tog – Knit 2 sts together at the same time
P2tog – Purl 2 sts together at the same time
tbl – (Knit/Purl) through back loop (of the stitch)
PSSO – Pass slipped stitch over
st(s) – Stitch(es)
DPNs – Double Pointed Needles
Circs – Circular Needles
yf – Yarn front
yb – Yarn back
pm – Place marker
sm – Slip marker
SS – Stockinette Stitch
sc – Single Crochet
dc – Double Crochet
hdc – Half Double Crochet
tr – Triple or Treble Crochet
ch – Chain
sl st – Slip Stitch
LYS – Local Yarn Store
Stash – The yarn that is not being used at the moment. A very personalized collection of yarn.
Stash Buster – A project that uses up yarn from your stash.
Stitch’n Bitch – Knitting meeting, usually at a café or at some LYS
Craft ‘n Chat – A meeting that you bring a craft to work on and chat with other crafters.
Time Out/Sin Bin – Where you project goes until it decides to behave again (when it is giving you trouble).
Hibernate – When a project is in Time Out for a long, long time..
Lifeline – A piece of yarn or other item inserted into the row you’re knitting to hold your place in case of a mistake.
KIP – Knit In Public
Yarn barf – The large amount of yarn that gets pulled out of a wound ball of yarn while looking for the end.
OTN – On The Needles, referring to the project(s) you have on the needles right then.
SSS – Second Sock Syndrome, what happens when you knit one sock and don’t feel like knitting the second.

Do you know of any others? If so, leave a comment and I can add them!