FO Alert! Deann finally has pictures of her shawl..

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Hello Everyone! I hope you all are having a crafty week. I have finally taken some pictures of this shawl that I finished a few weeks ago. I figured I had best go ahead and get this post up while I was on the computer uploading pictures or another week would slip by and I still would not have it done.

Here is… My Thistles shawl!

Thistles collage 1

Thistles is a shawl designed by Kimberly Gintar of The Giving Flower, and can be found here on Ravelry. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this pattern worked up. I managed to finish it in about a week and a half! That is really fast for me. I knit this one using Knit Picks Stroll Tonal in colorway Foliage. This yarn was really nice to work with and washed & blocked beautifully soft.

Here is the shawl pin I bought to wear with my Thistles shawl. I really like the way it looks, now if I can just figure out the best way I like to wear it! These pictures also show me blocking the shawl.

Thistles collage 3

I realized after I had crawled around on the floor for a while that I really wanted to block out each lace section as shown in the bottom right corner, but only had 100 pins.. Who would have thought that 100 pins would not be enough? I am guessing people who have really blocked shawls before.. 😀 Also, I have found out that my 4 large blocking boards are not large enough so I need to purchase another set for these larger shawls. The bottom left corner photo I snapped because I thought it looked neat at that angle.

The kids have used it to keep warm. Konrad especially likes cuddling up in it. Korina doesn’t like her picture taken, but I managed to snag this one of her while we were out on a fieldtrip. We were on a riverboat cruise and it was windy and a bit cool. The shawl really came in handy!

Thistles collage 2

Konrad swiped it from me one day outside of co-op, on another cool windy day. He doesn’t mind pictures or, more importantly, wearing mama’s knitting! 🙂