Pattern Release & New Designs coming…

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Happy Friday!

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted a WIP this week, and nor has Deann. Truth is I didn’t have a WIP to show because all my work lately has been on writing patterns and getting them towards release. Deann has been really busy with family things so she’s taking a little time off, but is also working on a new design which we should be able to see develop when she has time to be getting back to work.

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that yesterday, one of my design WIPs was fully completed, the pattern is out of testing and released, so it’s now available to purchase on Ravelry for £3.50.

doll collage

For more information, visit the pattern page on Ravelry.


In addition to that pattern I’m working hard on two new ones and opening up testing for those in the next few days, with a view to releasing these patterns in about a month, all going well. The first is a crescent shawl, “Cloverdale” with both texture and lace in a lovely earthy colour. The second is a dainty and delicate ascot-style keyhole scarf, “Felicienne” with lots of lace, in this beautiful green/blue shade. Here’s a photo collage of the two.

wip collage


I hope you enjoy the photos of these new creations, have a lovely weekend!