Knitting Goodies

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A good week for knitting goodies! Well, two weeks really.

I received my package from Ellen with the lovely alpaca yarn, Tin Can Knits book (signed!) and a bunch of pattern leaflets. Also included were some yummy caramel chocolates (I love caramel!). The kids had special treats in the package as well made by Ellen’s very talented eldest child Seona, they each received a Pokemon charm and Rowan (my eldest child) got a print of one of Seona’s pictures. Both Seona and Rowan do some awesome digital art. Well they do awesome art of any kind, but I am especially enamored of the digital variety because I cannot draw with a mouse to save my life! Okay, maybe to save my life.. but anyway.. I can sketch and do many other artsy things, but digital art at their levels totally eludes me.

My goodies from Ellen!
My goodies from Ellen!


Then last week I received this invitation from the local yarn shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I hadn’t been to a yarn shop event before so this one at Genuine Purl was my first, and what a great one to start with! They had little cakes, chocolate & carrot cake – both were wonderful, grapes, a selection of cheeses – the Gouda was amazing, crackers, champagne, and sparkling Pinot to help us get in the mood to buy goodies.

They gave tickets as you came in the door and then drew numbers for prizes. I lucked up and won a book! They also had a bag for you to reach in and pull out a discount when you were ready to checkout. I reached in and dropped mine before I could get it out, so had to reach in a second time.. but it was all for the best because when I finally got a number out it was for 40% off of my purchase.

I bought some String Theory sock yarn for a design that I have in mind and a skein of Malabrigo worsted for another design that is not quite in mind yet.

knitting goodies collage 2
Here I am with my celebration goodies! Please excuse my crazy hair.. it kind of does what it wants! I am looking forward to knitting these yarns and reading through this book. I liked the saying on the back, shown here.. even though I have not always been the best about doing swatches. It is a nice way of looking at them, another purpose along with testing your gauge and seeing how the fabric comes out.


I also found this model hanging up, they have loads of beautiful knit goodies hanging around the shop.

knitting goodies collage 1
Pattern: Catkin by Carina Spencer, can be found here on Ravelry.

I really like the design and these colours.. will have to add it to my list! I have found I really like grey and purple together, along with several other grey combos. I also like purple with other colours.. Of course, I do just like colour a lot, and plenty of it.

Then yesterday, not such a good thing… my sock needle went missing (where do they go hide?!) so I had to go buy another one. While there I decided to cheer myself up and bought some nice soft yarn to make Ellen’s new shawl pattern with. On the positive side of things I now have some very nice yarn to work with over the next few weeks (because you all know I don’t have any yarn at all..) as well as a new pair of sock needles. This is Classic Elite Yarns Villa, 3 luscious skeins.

knitting goodies collage 3