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We have been busy this week with things that haven’t allowed me a lot of time for knitting.. But what time I have had I decided to focus on my shawl that I started last week. I have made it to the decreases now and am looking forward to seeing how it shapes up now with the short rows. I am not overly familiar with short rows yet so this will be a bit of an adventure.. should be interesting. 🙂

I am still loving the colors as they knit up and really like the subtle striping going on. I have now added the second ball of yarn. I chose to do an invisible join for this one. I think it worked out nicely. The colors are actually brighter than what is shown here in the picture. I think it will show better when I do the finished pictures, especially if we have some sunshine by then.

I have a knitting friend coming into town the last week of this month and I am hoping to have this shawl all finished so that I can wear it when we go out together. 😀

Thistles 2

Ellen is currently working on…


I’m working on another colourwork cushion for my daughter, because I’m getting this design ready for pattern release and need some clear photos to show how to sew in the zip. I also want to test out the pattern thoroughly myself before Deann edits it and I put it out to testing.

This will be the third cushion Seona is getting for her room! We thought about purple and white for this one, but a hunt in the stash didn’t give us a suitable purple. We went for this sugar pink colour instead. Another WIP is also getting her room ready to paint pink to house said cushions 🙂

I’m waiting on a cushion insert and zip to arrive for this one, but should hopefully have the knitting finished by the time I get those.

Don’t forget to tell us what you are working on this week!