Black Death Shawl, all finished!

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A while back I made my younger daughter a shawl, and then my oldest asked for one as well. She picked out the yarn sometime last year and then couldn’t decide on a pattern until recently. The yarn is Araucania Quillay in colorway Pink Violet. It is a lovely aran yarn, part wool part microfibre, and works up exactly how it looks on the ball. The colors are all mottled together in such a way that it is neat to look at. Don’t know that I have had any other yarn that worked up exactly the same as how it shows in the ball, aside from solids that is.

BD fun collage

The pattern Rowan picked out is Black Death by Hoxton Homemade. It is a free pattern on Ravelry. This is an easy shawl to work and it went fairly quickly for me. I did end up modifying it just a bit per Rowan’s request and so it only has the eyelets about halfway down the shawl, then the rest is stockinette and then the original lace border. I think it turned out pretty well and Rowan is happy with it, so that is a plus! I have enough yarn leftover to make another one for her girlfriend so they can both have one.. once I am up to knitting it again. I am not one for knitting the same thing over and over, so it will be a little while.

BD bandana collage

I actually finished this sometime in early March, but just now had a chance to do photos. We went to our friend Blanca’s house last week for a knitting hangout and took pictures there. Blanca had fun playing dress up with Rowan and arranging the shawl in all different ways. It looks great however which way they put it on!

BD shoulder collage

I think Rowan enjoyed playing model as well. 😀 And here is little Angel, Blanca’s pup, getting in on the action. I love how the purpley-pink is picked up in the tree in the background.

BD sarong collage

We took a ton of photos! I had a hard time choosing which ones to show there were so many and I liked most of them.