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This week I’m making some knit roses. This is my own pattern which I came up with a few years ago and is my best seller. I haven’t made any for a long time, but I keep buying flowers for my living room so I thought why not make a bouquet that won’t die off!

They are a little fiddly to assemble and sew up with a few little pieces involved, but well worth it (well I think!) to get the full rosey effect. I made a whole page of diagrams in the pattern to help with that. The stems on these ones are reinforced with bamboo skewers that I cut the sharp ends off. In the pic I have 3 finished ones and two underway, and still have to put little leaves on them all. They are all stuffed in an Easter bucket, and my owl is watching! I’ll have 10 when I’m finished I think.

These came about when Deann and I participated in a design challenge on the theme of friendship, and around that time I had been looking at rose patterns but couldn’t find any that looked realistic enough so it was a good opportunity to design my own.


Deann is currently working on…

Apr 7 2015

This week I have two projects going – a shawl and a cowl. Neither look like much yet, and really the cowl is more of an idea still than anything. The shawl I am working on is Thistles by Kimberly Gintar. I have tested a few of Kimberly’s patterns before and she gifted this one to me last year or so. I found this lovely orange and yellow yarn through Knit Picks last year and ordered it, but am just now casting on. The yarn is Knit Picks’ Stroll Tonal in colourway Foliage. It feels really nice to work with and I am loving the colors in it.

I made a big goof in the first part of the pattern because silly me was reading the chart backwards.. Not sure what I was thinking.. I guess it has just been a while since I have worked a flat chart that is patterned on each row, so I was working it like I would in the round. Ooops! I knew something was wrong but it didn’t actually click what was going on til about row 20. Knit and learn, right 😀

In the second picture there is my Maine Coon Kali colourway from Ancient Arts Fibre that our friend Barbara sent to me last year. I am playing around with stitches to see what stitches look like in this yarn and decide which ones I want to use. I know I want to make a cowl with it, just not sure which design yet 🙂