A Few FO’s to show

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Happy Sunday all!

I’m taking a little time today to catch up and show you photos of the things I’ve finished lately. Some of them you’ve seen me working on in our regular WIP Wednesday posts.

The first one is this pink baby blanket with white lace edging. This was a favour for a friend who needed help with some blanket knitting. It’s a popular and traditional type of pattern, with the little leaves in the middle. Each of the large squares is made up of 4 smaller squares, so there were 48 squares in total to be sewn together! Then the white edging is also knitted separately and sewn on, so there’s a lot of work in one of these little pram cover size blankets. I managed to get this done before Christmas when it was needed by my friend. The deadline was quite tight, but I did my best to be neat with the sewing, I think it turned out not too bad.


The next project here was a pair of green variegated socks I’d been making for months on and off! These were a Christmas gift and I managed to get them done with just a couple of days to spare before gifting. The photo is not too great as I was a little rushed and we don’t get too much daylight here in Scotland in the winter months, the days are short and also often a bit dull and cloudy. The recipient really loved them and has been wearing them a LOT since getting them!


And…this last item was just something that popped out of my head. Well, firstly I made my own needles! These are 3mm bamboo skewers, which I sanding and waxed. Then I made little coffee bean ends for them out of polymer clay and fixed them to the ends and varnished the beans. I love coffee so these pleased me greatly! I may make some others with different designs this year as I did enjoy making my own needles.

coffee needles

Once the needles were made I found some milky coffee coloured yarn and just started knitting a little strip, playing about with textures. Then I had to think of something to do with the strip!

In the end I turned into this mug cosy. I edged it in white in crochet to finish it off, and found a plain white mug to put it on. My daughter’s friend was visiting over the holidays and she liked it, so I gifted the whole thing to her and the mug and the hug went home with their new owner!

mug hug Collage