Gift Parade

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Hello! As Deann mentioned in our WIP posting this week, I haven’t been well, I caught a horrible flu-type thing all over the entire Christmas and New Year holidays – boo hiss! I am now a lot better and starting to get some energy back thank goodness!

I did manage to take pictures of some of the lovely knitting and crochet gifts I got for Christmas from friends and family so I could share them with you 🙂 So here’s a little parade of the gifts! You can click on any of the photos to enlarge them and get a better look.




These were presents from my parents, they live in Shetland so can get hold of all sorts of knitting goodies! I am now the proud owner of one of those “I Knit So I Won’t Kill People” project bags!

Inside the bag was a lovely book, “Knit Real Shetland”. It has a lot of nice patterns in it, lots to browse, from some of the biggest name designers, all using wool from Jamieson & Smith, here’s a link to the book on their website.

And last but not least the bag also contained 4 cakes of cobweb weight pure wool yarn, 2 cream and 2 blue, so I will have to find a project for those when I’m feeling brave enough to make anything in yarn this fine.


This next gift was from my friend Marie. It’s a knitting calendar and it has so many patterns in it, with little tear-off sheets for each day of the year.

I’d seen it a few times while we were out shopping together and always admired it and she surprised me with it!

So..I am really happy to now own this and will enjoy looking through the patterns while I am figuring out what day it is 🙂




This little book was a very thoughtful vintage gift from my cousin!

It’s a Ladybird learn to knit book, I think published in the 70’s, I remember reading this book when I was a little kid. The illustrations are just beautiful and it really takes me back to my childhood.

I showed this gift on my Facebook page and lots of other knitters also remember this one, it seems to bring back some happy memories for us all!

Now for something very practical and also lovely! These weren’t technically a direct gift, my brother and my sister-in-law sent me an Amazon voucher and this set of crochet hooks was on my wishlist so I got them for myself.

They are KnitPro Waves hooks, each has a little handle and I think they will be more comfortable to work with than my current assortment of hooks which I mainly assembled from free gifts from magazines 🙂

They come in a pvc pink case with a clear window so you can see the hooks, and in sizes 2-6 mm, going up in 0.5 mm increments.


piano socks

And finally! These beautiful piano socks were a hand-knitted gift from my friend Sarah, who must have worked very hard on them and kept them a secret from me and then surprised me with them. They are very fun and I really love them and was so surprised and touched to get these. Thank you Sarah! Those are my happy feet modelling them in the photos.

So those were my gifts, I’ve been very lucky! Did you get anything knit/crochet over the holiday season? Let us know in the comments!