Some FOs to show!

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bobble hat

Good morning! In the run up to the festive holidays we have been a little quiet. Deann is currently on vacation in the mountains having a very well-earned break, and I am frantically trying to finish renovating my kitchen so I can cook in it properly!

I do, however, have two finished items from me to show you! One of them is here on my head, it’s the cabled bobble hat I have been working on for myself for winter.

I took this photo as I was coming in the door the other morning, before getting stuck in to yet more plastering and painting, so you can see the festive wreath there in the background

Here is a better picture of my finished hat.



It fits beautifully and is very cosy to wear. I think this is a lovely design. As I knit left-handed I could choose whether or not to make my cables cross over in the same way as the original pattern or to leave them mirrored and I decided to leave them mirrored, so I have a unique lefty version of this hat! I made the large pom pom using a Clover pom pom maker, so I’ll need to show you that some time!

The pattern, “Earl  Grey”  by designer Clare Devine, is very well written and easy and fun to work, I recommend it! Here is a link to where you can purchase it if you’d like to make on too.

This next FO is the Secret Santa present I was working on and finished a while back but couldn’t show yet as my friend Barbara hadn’t received it.

The little chap flew all the way from Scotland to Australia, but luckily came out of the box looking quite fine!


Barbara has named him “Dougall”, which I think really suits him!

He is a Jean Greenhowe pattern, from her booklet Traditional Favourites. He’s knitted in beautiful Debbie Bliss Blue-Faced Leicester DK in this grey shade. I added the little crochet scarf instead of the twisted cord ribbon the pattern called for because Barbara is very encouraging whenever I crochet something. The scarf is made from Shetland wool I had leftover from a shawl project. So he’s a classy bear!


Just a note to say, we won’t be doing our usual thrifty Thursday or other regular postings for a few weeks, as we both need to get stuff done for the festive season and then will be taking time off to spend with our loved ones. But we do have a Christmas installment of “Knit’s my Life” coming out at the weekend, so I hope you will enjoy reading that.

Whatever you are up to this week, have a good one!