Yarny Gift Tags – Three Ways!

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Customise your seasonal gifts, and use up your yarn scraps, with these yarny gift tags!

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There are three different types to make here, crochet, knit, and yarn-wrapped. Pick your favourite and then follow the photos and instructions below to make your own!

Crochet Gift Tag

crochet tag instructions

1. Take a rectangle of card and, using a hole punch, punch a hole for the tag string (or use a plain shop-bought rectangular tag). Using a pin or sharp nail, first pierce guide holes around the edge, evenly spaced. Then use a skewer or knitting needle to enlarge those holes. I used a 3mm (US 2 1/2) needle for this.

2. The tag now has holes all the way around. Make sure that the holes are not too close to the edge (otherwise the card may break when crocheting).

3. Working into the holes as if they were stitches, crochet all around the tag. I’m using fingering weight yarn, and a 2.5 mm (US B or C) hook. I made two double crochets (US single crochet) into each edge hole, and three in each corner hold to help turn around the corners.

4. Make a chain using the same yarn to thread through the large hole, to create the tag string…and we’re done!

Knit Gift Tag

knit tag instructions

1. Cast on a row of stitches. I’m using aran weight yarn with 4.5 mm (US 7) needles and I cast on 40 stitches.

2. Bind off all the stitches. This makes a knit strip. Leave long tails at both ends of the strip, do not weave them in.

3. Use a square gift tag. This one is about 7.5 cm (3 inches) wide. Try to make a knit strip that is three times wider than your tag. You may have to experiment to find the right amount of stitches for your particular tag.

4. Place the strip over the front of the tag and bring the two ends round the back.

5. Feed both ends of the strip through the hole, from back to front, and arrange them so that one end is above and one end is below the front of the strip, as shown.

6. Once both ends are fed right through the hole and equal lengths are sitting above and below the front of the strip, tie the ends in a single knot.

7. Feed both tails through the hole in the tag, from front to back. Tie in place at the back of the tag.

8. Knot the ends of the two tails together, to make the hanging loop for the tag. Secure the knit strip with a little glue if you find it moves around too much over the card.

Yarn-wrapped Gift Tag

wrap tag instructions

1. Start by using a circular shop-bought gift tag (or make your own). Draw round it onto another piece of card.

2. Draw a smaller circle in the middle (I drew around a small shot glass to get this smaller circle!).

3. Cut out the smaller circle, so that it will frame your original gift tag when placed over it.

4. Tie yarn around the frame, then keep wrapping yarn around and around, until the frame is completely covered. Make sure your ball of yarn will fit through the hole! When you have wrapped all the way around, tie the loose ends together and stuff them into the wrapping so they don’t show.

5. Glue the back of the frame.

6. Stick the frame on to the front of the gift tag.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these little ideas, let me know if you make any!