Pattern Release!

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Good morning and Happy Monday!

It’s terribly dark and gloomy in the winter here in Scotland we don’t get so much daylight being quite far North, but to brighten things up I’ve been knitting away in beautiful light blue to remind me of what colour the sky can sometimes be!

I’ve finished my scarf that I’ve been showing in our WIP postings, and the pattern (edited by Deann) is all spruced up and available.

As I mentioned while I was making it, this was an old pattern of mine, one that I really love but which I had originally made in grey. The grey is pretty and versatile to wear but really didn’t show off the stitches too well, so I decided to redo this pattern. I also converted it from a scarf knit flat to in the round as it makes it a lot more fun to work, I added chart options for the lace and stuffed the pattern with lots of helpful tips for resizing and modifications as well as general tips on how to get a scarf that is a flattering size for the recipient. It also contains instructions for blocking the scarf to get it to look like mine when the knitting is done.

Friperie Collage

The scarf looks delicate and a little intricate, but it’s very easy to work and fun to knit. This pattern is designed to be simple for anyone new to working lace in the round. It’s made in fingering weight yarn on larger needles.

This pattern got a new name too! I decided to call it “Friperie” which ties in quite nicely with the “F” name of my other lace design Filigree. I am planning another “F” lace pattern for sometime next year, in DK weight, so eventually there will be a trilogy of lace!

Friperie is available to purchase from my Ravelry store at the link below. Happy Knitting!