Vacation Shopping

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Back in July I shared a lot of ocean themed patterns and talked about missing the ocean. The kids and I were finally able to visit the ocean last month. We were only there for a few days but it was very nice. I have been having constant headaches and as soon as we pulled up to the beach, got out of the van after the 8 hour drive and sat in the sand watching the waves crash onto the shore.. my headaches simply went away. I was surprised and it took me a few minutes to realize that the sun was not hurting my eyes anymore and my head was no longer pounding. Ah! The sensory of it all just took everything away! I didn’t even have to get in the water.. just sit with my hands digging in the sand. The kids and I spent 3 days playing in the sand, collecting shells, and generally relaxing. We did get in the water a little bit, but not too far. We were able to watch dolphins swimming and playing, crabs molting from their shells, fish swimming around, and clams digging into the sand when they had been washed ashore. Also we saw some lovely sunsets!



We were lucky enough to stay in a beach house on Cape San Blas that had a lovely sun room just perfect for crafting and relaxing. Here is Korina working on crocheting herself a cowl using Lion Brand Hometown USA. And I am starting my sweater that I posted about in my WIP that week. I am almost finished with it now, just the sleeves to go! Korina finished her cowl and has worn it a time or two since we have been back and the weather has been getting colder.

crafting on vacation


While we were down in Florida I decided to look up some local yarn shops and see what we could find to explore. I found one in Appalachicola named Downtown Books and Purl. It is actually two stores combined, a book store up front with yarn and knitting/crochet accessories at the back. Though the store didn’t seem very large they did have a nice assortment of lovely yarns.


bp collage 1


And knitting accessories.. The bamboo needles had hand made designs on the ends. The little yarn ball looking key chains were found in a nearby shop and are by Mystic Knot Work.. That’s my son zooming around in the background there.

extras collage


I didn’t get to browse and shop as long as I really would have liked because zoomy son above, aka Konrad, had to go to the restroom. I have a personal policy here of not frequenting a place that will not let children use their restroom. Where we live you have to drive pretty much anywhere so it is a real pain to have to load up each time the kids need to use the restroom and go find a place that will let them so I decided a few years back that we would not shop places that didn’t allow them to use the facilities. Here though I made an exception.. The lady was really nice about it and they had built a nice public facilities just a couple of blocks over, due to it being a tourist town, so it was more understandable. However it did cut my time short so I just purchased the two skeins of Chateau seen below. If I had had more time I would have loved to know what the shawl pattern and yarn used there hanging in the top left picture, and would have likely bought more yarn – because we all need more yarn don’t we. 😉


bp collage 2Here is the wall of needles they had available and the bargain section, with Korina digging through checking for something she might like. There on top of the basket you can see my two skeins I purchased. It is a nice orangey pink hue, very soft. I am not sure what I will make with it yet, possibly a snuggly cowl for the upcoming winter.

We had hoped to check out a few yarn shops over near Panama City, but had a medical emergency pop up and had to get back home. They are on my list for next time we get to go.

Do you find and explore the local yarn shops when you travel? Do you have favourite shops to stop in when traveling?