Granny Stripes Photo Diary – Days 121-135

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Good weekend all!

In my previous photo diary entry for this blanket, I had picked it up again after the summer. And it still seemed rather endless. But my son had decided he wants it for his bed, which was fabulous! Nothing better than making something for someone who actually wants it 🙂

So I’ve been plugging away the last two weeks with a stripe here and a stripe there and yesterday it was looking quite long so I decided to try it out over his bed so I could judge roughly how many more stripes I want to make to get the main part of the blanket finished.

And I had quite a surprise! When I spread it out over the bed it seemed I don’t have too many more to do! Hooray!

Here it is as of yesterday.

blanket on bed nearly done

I’m thinking about 8-10 more stripes should work. I’ve done another 2 since I took the photo. So not far off now. Then I will just have the edging left to do, which he’s asked me to do in black.

It’s nice to finally have a photo where the whole thing is spread out for once! It was getting too big to show out on the little bit of floor space I have in the living room.

Here’s a reminder of the pattern I’m using, from the fabulous Lucy of Attic 24, I’m going to have to go back to her wonderful instructions when I get to the border, to see how I want to do that.