Granny Stripes Photo Diary – Days 60-120

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I should really just give up numbering the days on this as they don’t really bear any relation to the total amount of crocheting time, but still here is an update on my blanket at last!

I didn’t work on it over the summer, it was a bit warm for that and I’ve been busy with knitting designs, but I have picked it up again recently and added 6 new stripes.


Also I sneaked in a bit of terracotta there, which is a new addition and just for this stripe as it used up this scrap colour I found while tidying up my yarn.

The latest stripes are black, terracotta, beige, baby pink, baby blue and then light grey.

it’s really quite large now and is folded over in the pic here. I took another one while I was working on it,¬†thrown over the sofa, so you can see the drape (and the pink handle of my hook there!)



When I started working on this again, my son decided he will claim it when it’s done, so now it really has a recipient to go to! He also asked me to edge it in black, so the edging colour has been picked, makes life easier for me, I don’t have to decide!

So a little progress but not a huge amount. I am in the final third of the blanket now though so it does feel like I’m approaching the end a bit more.