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Deann is currently working on…

I have two main projects going at the moment. One is a bit of a secret and I am too close to finish to show it off right now, so I am showing you my out and about knitting. This is the knitting that lives in my bag and goes with me everywhere I go. These socks are the perfect size for carrying around in my Mini Waffle Duffle, which can either hang on my wrist, my purse, or nestle inside my purse for running errands and such.
We have been rather busy lately with not enough ‘out and down time’ for me to knit. I have had to mostly drive or be moving about, so not much progress on these since the last time I showed them. I am working out the pattern as I go, but I am liking them so far.


Ellen is currently working on…

sock WIP 

I am really busy with a ton of designs, which I can’t show on the blog yet, which is a pity as I’d love to share, but they will all appear as and when I am able to make them public.

Since Deann has shown you her little out and about socks project, I’ll show you mine! You’ve seen this sock before but it has grown quite a bit since. I keep it in a little silk bag that is meant for storing lingerie (note the bra picture on it!).

You can see that Deann generally likes to work her socks two at a time on a long circular, and I like to work mine one at a time on double-pointed needles, so you get sock knitting variety here today!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell us what you are working on this week. Also visit us in the Forum to show us what you are working on. We love to see your projects taking shape!