Quick Guide To…Knotting a Basic Fringe

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Sometimes it’s nice to add a fringe to a scarf, shawl or other project.

Here’s how to attach a basic fringe in 3 simple steps, I’ve made a little illustration to share with you.

First, cut your fringe lengths. You’ll need to make each strand double the length of the fringe you want, plus a small allowance of about 1.5 cm (about 1/4 inch) to accommodate the knot.

knotting a fringe

Step 1: Use a crochet hook to pull the strands through the spaces where you want the fringe to go, to make a loop as shown, with the top of the loop sitting under the edge of the work.

Step 2: Feed the ends through the loop.

Step 3: Pull down firmly on the ends to make the knot.

Once all the fringe pieces are securely knotted, you can brush them out and give them a “haircut” with scissors to even out and shorten the lengths if needed. I find it’s better to make the fringe a little too long and even it up afterwards than to start with a fringe that is too short.

Use as many strands as you like in each knot, for a fuller fringe use more strands, and the photo below shows that using two colours can be fun too!


sharf volumised