Purl the Phoenix – Free Pattern release!

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We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our first joint pattern here at StitchGeek…and we’re giving it to our readers for free! We’ve been collaborating together on patterns for several years now, editing and testing each other’s work and generally bouncing ideas off each other and enjoying the team effort. This is our first official pattern we are publishing together as joint designers through StitchGeek and we are really excited to share it with you!

Ellen says….


I was originally trying to design a cloth by myself, inspired by the colours in Deann’s cotton sun hat, but it was one of those knits that just wasn’t working out, it looked awful, so I frogged it and gave up. Deann asked me how the cloth design was going and I told her that the idea had turned to a pile of ashes 🙂 So then she said to me, “perhaps you should do a Phoenix one then!” and suggested we make a phoenix washcloth together instead, to raise something from the virtual cinders of my design disaster. And so Purl was born! Here she is..I made the blue one.


Ellen's blue edit

pink phoenix 3

orange Purl 3


Deann says…

sg profile de

We had fun working on this one, well we always have fun working on our patterns, but this one was nice too. 🙂 After we came up with the idea and perused some pictures for inspiration Ellen got busy charting out an idea. Then I tweaked, she tweaked, we tweaked.. and voila! Purl the Phoenix was brought forth!
I first knit the orange one, then the pink one. Both turned out great and have been claimed by my oldest child for her camper. She now has her first hand knits for her ‘home’. She still lives with us, but is working on the camper to have her own space too.

We would also like to thank our friend Heather for testing the pattern for us, a great big thank you Heather! Heather is always up for testing patterns for us, and does a great job! She is a very enthusiastic knitter and likes to challenge herself. She made this lovely orangey red version.

Click here to view our Purl the Phoenix page in the shop, don’t forget to check out our other free patterns on here, or click the link below for an automatic download.

adobe_pdf_iconPurl the Phoenix Washcloth Instant Download

Heathers Purl