Granny Stripes photo diary…days 31-60

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Happy Weekend!

I have another update on the granny stripes blanket for you today 🙂 Summer is a busy time but I have been able to pick up my crochet here and there and get a little more done. It’s getting very big! I don’t have room on the floor any more to take a photo of it all stretched out so today we will have to make do with a stylish sofa drape shot…

blanket 17-07


And here’s a picture to show all the latest stripes since my last update.

blanket 17-07 (2)

I’ve managed 16 more stripes, starting with the hot pink and working upwards on the photo here. Which isn’t too bad really and has made it quite a lot longer. I’ve also managed to weave in all the ends which is never a bad thing! The bright turquoise there is new and replaces a slightly darker turquoise I used earlier on in the blanket and had run out of. They don’t match but they are similar in tone and it’s not something that I mind since this project was supposed to be pretty random and to use up scraps anyway (until it started eating every last scrap and demanding more!).

Here’s a nice picture of it all rolled up, which is how I keep it when it is not engulfing me and the sofa.

blanket 17-07 (3)

As it’s grown so much now I’m going to start measuring it against my son’s bed soon, to work out how many more stripes I want to do to get it to fit on a single bed.

Thanks for reading…catch you on the next stripes update!