Passionate about Granny Stripes!

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Our friend Barbara loves Granny Stripes. She has a group on Facebook called Retro Granny Crochet where we can share any and all things Granny Crochet related, a very fun group! Recently she sent me a chart she had made and asked me if I would like to share it with all of you. Of course, I said yes!

I asked her to tell us how and why she came up with the chart, and to show us some of her inspired Granny creations. This morning she sent me a message telling me about her discovery of the Granny Stripe.

Almost a year has gone by since I discovered the delights of the Granny Stripe.

You see I have been an avid knitter since I was 4 years old and although I thoroughly enjoy this age old craft I was looking for something else… Something that would continue to feed my passion for colour and wool. I had seen lots of fabulous crochet creations all over the web and was totally intrigued. I bought a vintage Ladybird “How to Crochet” book from eBay and set about making loads of granny squares. This was a lot of fun until I realised that I would have to join them all together.

“Oh dear” I thought, there must be something else that I don’t have to do this time consuming task (for me that is!).

I searched the web and came across Lucy’s Blog from Attic 24.

I had found what I was looking for! Something that would unleash my passion for colour.. more than it did with knitting and more than it did with my fine art training. I set about creating oodles of colour combinations for blankets, I was in heaven and having so much fun. This came easy for me with my art background and my combinations are endless.

I have made a few Disney inspired combinations such as a Disney Princess theme and a theme from the movie of the moment “Frozen”. I have had many people comment about how well I put colours together, so I got to thinking! “How can I make it easy for others?” So I created a simple Granny Stripe Colour design chart. It’s a throw back to my art days, a bit like a story board. Anyone can do it! Just grab some colour pencils, markers, crayons, whatever you can use for colour and start gathering colours together. Colour the boxes on the left of the page with the selected colours. Then proceed to colour the Granny pattern on the right in whatever combination you like.

There is no right or wrong combination, just be creative and have fun!

There is one tip that I can give you and that is to always work in odd numbers of colour rather than even. It produces a far better eye pleasing result.

I will probably never have enough time whilst on this earth to create all of the combinations in my head but I will definitely try. I certainly have enough wool for them!

I’m glad to pass my passion onto others and hope to unleash the colour passion or perhaps obsession in you!

Barbara Ward

This technique can be used for more than just blankets, too! Barbara has made lovely cowls with her inspired colour choices, as well as some gorgeous little hats and a pair of bunny pants for her enchanting Teddy.

Here we have the Granny Colour Design Chart original and filled in to fit Barbara’s Frozen Inspired theme.

Granny Colour Design Chart

Frozen Theme Chart

You can right click and save the image above or I made it into a pdf file for you to download:
adobe_pdf_iconDownload Chart as PDF

Barbara's Fruit Salad Themed Blanket WIP and Hat. Aren't they lovely?!
Barbara’s Fruit Salad Themed Blanket WIP and Hat. Aren’t they lovely!

Frozen Collage

Disney Princess collage

Barbara's lovely Granny Stripe cowls inspired by a jar of boiled lollies, Disney's Frozen, & Ice Age!
Barbara’s lovely Granny Stripe cowls inspired by a jar of boiled lollies, Disney’s Frozen, & Ice Age! She really uses her colours well, that white truly pops against those blues just like snow shining on a bright winter day.

woodland autumn collage

Gumnut Babies Collage

Has this post inspired you to play with colour? Are you ready to get Granny Striping? Share with us what you make by posting in our forum and on our Facebook page!