Mama, The Mission, & Mrs. Judy..

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Mama has been busy working/shopping at the Mission again and has found me some new goodies for my crafting ways! I thought I would take photos and share them with you all today.

First of all, Mama found this awesome basket. She says it ‘looks like me’. Not sure exactly what she is trying to say here.. but she always tells me that when she finds me something. Not sure if I look like an old basket or what, but I do really like this basket. Not only does it look nice, but it came with yarn in it already! Hey.. wait.. maybe that does look like me!

basketI am thinking about removing the stuff that is loosely wrapped around the handle. Mama thinks that whoever made/designed it wanted the handle to match the basket, but I think it would be more useful without it. I could then wind yarn around it and knit right from the basket. There were three skeins of this olive coloured yarn included in the basket. I am not sure which brand it is yet. If it is Red Heart I will have to pass it on to one of my crafty friends.

Mama found some more yarn for me too. She bought me this 100% cotton Bernat Gloucester yarn in Pastel Pink. It has a lovely soft feel to it. I am not sure what I will make with it yet, but I have plenty to work with which is always nice on these thrifty finds.

There are 4 full wrapped skeins, 1 skein that has been ‘caked’ which I believe to be a full skein, and another that appears to be a half skein; so approximately 5.5 skeins. This is a worsted weight yarn and has approximately 145 yards. So adding my approximatelies together I guesstimate that I have 797.5 yards. Might be enough for a tank top or something for me.. or perhaps I could talk one of my kids into wearing pink.

Bernat Gloucester

Another find is this Tatty cotton which I cannot find any information on.. If you have seen it before or have any, please let me know! It has a nice sheen to it, feels soft, and seems to have ‘thick & thin’ properties. I have around 500 yards of this one, so maybe something for my daughter Korina since she likes yellow.


And last on the Mission finds, a pile of miscellaneous yarns, some with bands some without, and some straight knitting needles. By the way, I had to go and buy another tote for storing my ‘new’ yarn in. I think I am now up to 8 totes, as well as some baskets and bags around the house. (By tote, I mean an 18 gallon container with lid.)

misc pile

I had not seen the Red Heart cotton before. I wonder if it will burn and irritate my hands like the Red Heart acrylics do.. I like the purple colour so would be nice if I could use it, not that I don’t have plenty, but still.

From my friend, Mrs. Judy, I have my first sheep. Not real sheep sadly, but they are very cute sheep all the same. These will hang out in my craft room once I have one. Til then I will have to fend off the children who keep trying to claim them! I had fun taking pictures outside with the sheep and couldn’t decide between the pictures which to show off, so decided to make a collage with all of them.

herd collage

There in the top corner is Mrs. Judy and me from last September. I couldn’t find an updated picture of the two of us, I will have to take some when I see her this week. Twigs, the Stitch Geek photobomber cat, appears in the second row of pictures.┬áIn the last picture below Twigs’ brother Cheeto is trying out photobombing to see what all the fuss is about.

herd collage 1The first picture on this row makes me feel like she is telling us something, maybe a wooly joke or perhaps just saying how cute they are, eh. The little white lamb is named Fleece and the tannish one is named Ewey. The larger sheep needs a name.. any suggestions?