What do you give a knitter…?

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Ellen says…

Regular followers of the blog will know that in the last little while Deann had to have surgery. Since she’s my best knitting friend ever in the whole wide world ever, this required a gift to cheer her up while she recovered! Something small enough to ship all the way to the US quickly, something to make her smile, something that she didn’t already have.

It took some serious thought let me tell you! She loves yarn and knitting stuff (of course). I could have made her something knitted, but then she can knit herself. I did however, as an extra gift, send her a sweater I’d made that I thought she would suit far better than me, and she does look lovely in it. Here’s a picture of it when I was making it, with the pieces blocking.

For her actual “get well soon” gift, I thought about sending her a package of yarn or something but I was pretty sure she would be getting yarn from other friends, and I had already dispatched her a book of knitting detective stories to read while she was feeling really poorly. So I decided to make her a knitting kit! It’s for making a little pin cushion (a pin cushion is always useful!).


Kit done

I had lots of little bits of lovely Shetland wool left over from the Shetland Daisies shawl I made lately and thought they would go well in a little colourwork design. So I got busy on the computer and charted out what I thought would be a nice pattern and created a design specially to go into her kit. Then of course because she would need a picture of what the kit would make I knitted it myself (also this meant I tested the pattern!) and took photos for the cover of the instructions. The kit contains stuffing, sewing up needle, stitch marker, double pointed needles and all the yarns, which I weighed out and made into little balls.

Here are some pictures of my finished “test” pin cushion.

pin cushion collage

Then I very impatiently waited for it to arrive after mailing it, because I couldn’t tell anyone about it until she got it! It’s for her to smile at and to make whenever she feels like doing it, no gifty pressure! I think she likes it…

Deann says…

Thank you very much, Ellen, for my wonderful knitterly gifts! You did well for choosing gifts for me. I enjoyed the book, was great for when I absolutely had no energy to even try to knit! I am looking forward to knitting the little pin cushion, love the design, and happy I get to try out some true Shetland wool!

gifts from EllenI swear I was smiling in that first picture! I think my son was taking pictures for me and pestering me at the same time.. It was really perfect timing with these gifts. The weather here had been getting quite warm, but then we had a cold front come through which allowed me to wear and show off my new sweater for a few days before it turned hot again. Now it is too hot, but I am sure this sweater is one of the first I will pull out once the temperatures drop again. It is quite comfy!

Our friend Sarah, in England, sent me a lovely card and hand knit butterfly to cheer me up, along with providing the yarn for my socks to help keep me busy. This picture was taken about a week after my surgery, I am snuggled under my Filigree Shawl on the couch resting here. I hope to have a craft room soon and plan to let this little butterfly flit around the walls to help liven up the space. To make your own butterfly, check out Ellen’s Cheerful Cuties pattern.

Thanks Sarah, for thinking of me and sending me the lovely card, butterfly and yarn!

Sarah Gift

Our friend Barbara, in Australia, also surprised me with a lovely card and gift! She ordered some lovely kitty inspired wool from Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts. The wool is lovely and a part of the purchase goes to benefit stray and abandoned cats in need. In my package was also a Catnip Hat pattern. I have added this one to my every growing list of knits to make. Now to find or design suitable patterns to show off this lovely wool! gifts from Barb

The colourways Barbara sent me are Grey Tabby, Maine Coon Kali, and Calico Cat. Love them all!
Thanks Barbara, for thinking of me and sending me these lovely gifts!

Along with the gifts I received in the mail I also had lots of well wishes, positive thoughts, prayers, and lovely messages from people all over the world. Gotta love knitters and crocheters! <3