Granny Stripes photo diary…days 16-30

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Time for a granny update!

As I have umpteen knitting WIPs on the go at the moment I’m only doing a stripe here and there, but it is still growing. My blanket now measures about 43 inches (109 cm) in length, and it’s 50 inches (127 cm) wide. I am not too fussed about the size really, just chained what looked good at the start. It’ll fit ok onto a single bed once I have finished and put on a border. But I’m not even sure where it is going or who wants it yet anyway! Just granny striping for the fun of it. 🙂

Anyway, now it’s quite big so most of the time when I’m not working on it it’s all folded up like this and I took a photo because I really like looking at folded blankets. Don’t know why! I think maybe it is because it looks cosy.


blanket 18-06 (4)


Here’s the blanket all spread out. I have actually managed 10 more stripes since the last update, so although I am being slow it’s not so bad! The last stripe of the last posting was the dark blue above the wine colour. I went through black, red, gold and then seem to have delved into blues and pinks. I don’t have any plan really, but now in our house we seem to have developed a system, in which I finish a stripe then hold up all the colours I have at whoever is in the room and say “what next”! Then they get to pick. My daughter has picked the last few stripe colours for me.


blanket 18-06


Here is a closer picture of the newest stripes. It looks better close-up than from a distance, it’s quite hard for me to photo the whole thing and get the colours to show accurately.


blanket 18-06 (2)


The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice the addition of a new shade! I had gone into B&M Homestores to search through their little acrylic DK selection for the dark turquoise I’ve been using in places throughout the blanket (as I’m running out) but it hasn’t been in stock. So I picked up a baby pink instead to add in here and there. I have one stripe of a lighter pink nearer the beginning of the blanket, but I only had enough for one stripe when I crocheted that one in, so hopefully the new one will tie that in a little bit even though it’s not quite the same shade. Here’s my new yarn ball, enjoying a little rest on the stripes. I like how this photo came out, quite fun!


blanket 18-06 (3)


I think I’m reaching about halfway on the length of the blanket now, so soon it should feel like I’m getting nearer to the end! I will update again when there is another chunk to show you, and perhaps I will have found that elusive dark turquoise ball of yarn by then….I’m off to put on my yarn hunting outfit…

Have a great day!