Granny Stripes photo diary…days 10-15

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Happy Monday!

Time for a Granny Stripes update. I haven’t really worked on it very much the last few days, I’ve been quite busy with other projects.

So there is only a tiny little bit of progress to show! Progress nonetheless.

I was just finishing off the light grey stripe from my new colours in the last granny posting. And here is where I am at now.



Only 3 more stripes over the last few days. Another pink! Then I used the wine colour from my new batch of yarn, then back in again with the French blue.

I think next I’m going to go for the black, I fancy to make the next few stripes a little bit of a dark section. Also I will be weaving in the ends, they have accumulated again!

So that’s where I’ve got to! I will report back when I have managed to do a little more 🙂