Fun Yarny Videos

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Ellen and I were chatting this weekend and talking about how much we see knitting & crochet on the big screen. We see it used as props and costumes in movies and television shows, as well as seeing the characters in the shows knitting or crocheting. I never paid much attention until after I began knitting & crocheting myself, now I see it all the time. I have also discovered I like seeing all kinds of things yarn related, reading stories, watching shows, looking at news articles.. anything having to do with my chosen crafts seems to draw my interest.

After chatting about this for a bit, Ellen went on a video finding spree on YouTube and found several fun, yarn related videos. Check out our StitchGeek Channel Playlist she has started, so you can watch these for yourself. Let us know which one(s) you like best. Do you know of more? We will add more as we find them.

The two by Franklin Habit on the list are favorites of my twins. They have watched them so much they can say them word for word.

This one is my favorite. 🙂