Granny Stripes photo diary, days 4-5

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Another visit with my Granny Stripes blanket with some progress.

These stripes are certainly addictive, you find yourself saying “I’ll just finish this stripe and then…”. And then you want to put the next colour in so it is hard to put down!

Here is where I am at. I’ve done 23 stripes now. As you can see I was brave and added the black. First I put it in between some French blue and dark teal, I quite liked what it did. For the second appearance I was bolder and put the black next to the bright dark pink and did the white above. I chose these stripes together because it reminded me of a liquorice allsort. Those are sweets that I don’t really like much tastewise, but I do like the colour of!


day 4-5


I also really like the green next to the red. I wasn’t sure about making that combination as both of those yarns are rich and quite zingy, but I think with the beige above it does something quite nice.

As you can see, there are now very many ends to weave in and I think I’m at the point where I don’t want to keep making ends before I’ve got the existing ones properly tidied away. So my project for day 6 will be getting those done before I move on, and then I think I’ll be heading into warmer tones as the last few stripes have been quite cool; there is pink there, but it’s a pink that has a blue base really.


day 4-5 closeup

I took a close up of the stripes as this shows the colours really well, and you can check my tension (be nice!).

I look forward to showing you my next granny stripe posting. Please check back soon for that, and let me know what you think of it so far in the comments if you likeĀ