FO Alert! Deann has finished..

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I have finished a pair of socks! I am calling these my Sampler Socks, as I was trying out different stitch patterns while making them. I was trying to determine which stitch pattern would best work with all the colours in this hand painted yarn. The colourway is beautiful and makes me think of a garden that is still blooming under a full moon, has brightness and darkness all together in one. I showed the beginning of these last week in our WIP post here.

I started using a mosaic stitch pattern, where I would knit 3, slip 3 wyif (With Yarn In Front, meaning to hold the yarn to the front of the work) across and then lift up the loop created by the wyif part on the next row or two. I staggered these so the lifted loops would alternate. I do like the way this looks generally, but it is kind of hidden in this multi-coloured yarn.

mosaic knit st

Next, I tried out the classic seed stitch – Knit 1, Purl 1 across, then Purl 1, Knit 1 across on the next row. I do think this one shows the colours best of all of the stitch patterns, next to stockinette.

seed st

Third, I tried out a simple basket weave pattern – Knit 2, Purl 2 across for two rows, then Purl 2, Knit 2 for two rows, repeat. Normally this is a nice pattern, but it is kind of obscured with all the different colours in this yarn.

basket weave

Fourth, I tried out another slip stitch pattern. Not sure what this one is called, but I knit 1, slipped 1 wyif across the row then knit the next row, then slipped 1 wyif, knit 1 across the next row, then knit a row. This gives a nice texture, and I think the lighter colours look best when slipped.

slip st

Fifth, I did yet another slip stitch, where I knit 1, then knit another double wrapped (meaning I wrapped the yarn twice while knitting the stitch). On the next 2 rows, I slipped the double wrapped stitches while knitting the others. I do like the way these turned out, and again the lighter stitches show up best.

long slip st

Sixth & Seventh, I decided to do a bit of lace. I was thinking simple geometric shapes so went with a diamond shape, repeated twice using yarn overs and decreases together to get the shape. About half way through, I decided to make a heart one while making the top of the diamonds. It nestles nicely between the two diamonds. While this pattern does show up, I think it is best in long colour changes or solid coloured yarn.


Eight, I tried to do a zigzaggy ribbing by knit 2, purl 2, then offset each way by 1 stitch depending on which row I was on. This one is probably my least favorite of the ones I tried. It doesn’t show well at all in this yarn.

zz rib

Lastly, I finished up with stockinette and then 2×2 ribbing at the top. I bound off by knitting two together through the back loops and it was too tight, so had to pick it all back out and try again. The second bind off I did was EZ’s Sewn Bind Off and it is looser. Apparently I decreased too much for my ribbing though, and they are a bit snug getting over my heel. They fit once they are on and are nice and snug around my ankles without being too tight. However, once I wash them.. if they shrink at all, I think my kids will be getting this pair. Another thing to keep in mind, this yarn is thicker than the sock yarn I have worked with before so I probably should have used a larger size needle. They are nice and thick though with size 1 (2.25/2.5mm – not sure which mine are, I will have to check) needles. I used my 40 in long size 1 from Knit Picks, and knit these two at a time, toe-up.