Summer is Coming..

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Down here in the South (USA) summertime is fast approaching.. along with high temperatures. I have been thinking that it may be time to start protecting my head and face from the sun. With temperatures sometimes reaching over 100F (+37.8C), it gets REALLY hot out and the sun can feel like it is beating down on you. While I do enjoy the feel of the warm sun, especially after a long cold spell or lots of rain, I don’t want to deal with sunburn or overheating. Maybe I am getting older.. or it just has to do with feeling run down the last year.. or maybe finally wising up. I prefer to think the last one holds true ;)

All this to say, I have been thinking of making myself a sunhat or two, but I am having trouble deciding which one I really want to make. I thought maybe you all could help me decide. Most sunhats I have seen are crochet, so looks like I may be needing to borrow my hooks back from my daughter soon. Here are a few I like:

210-40 Summer Slub Hat pattern by Pierrot (Gosyo Co., Ltd)Japanese version available here. Both English and Japanese versions are fully charted using standard knitting and/or crochet symbols.

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107-14 Crochet hat in “Cotton Viscose” and “Bomull-Lin” pattern by DROPS designPublished in Drops 107 Yarn weight Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi) ?

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Windansea pattern by Kristi PorterA summery lightweight sunhat with a wide brim adorned with spiraling eyelets.

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Saugeen Summer Lace Cloche pattern by Ash KearnsThrough May, get 25% off selected AKH patterns. Use coupon code: “mayspecial” at checkout.

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Flower Frog Hat pattern by Roxanne SeabrightThis is a gardener’s hat, offering good shade but perforated for ventilation. of course the holes make a perfect place to display fresh blooms — just like the perforated stem holders called “frogs”.

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So what do you think? Any of these a favorite for you? Do you know of any other sunhat patterns to share with us?

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  1. Ellen

    I really like the “Summer Harmony” I can see you in that. I like the colours they picked for the sample there too!

  2. Sarah Evans

    I like that one too but I think the Saugeen summer lace one will give u more protection from the sun as there are less gaps for the sun to burn u. :)

  3. “Summer Harmony” would be my first choice, I also like “Bomull Lin” and 3rdly “Windansea” All have the larger brim to keep the sun out of face and eyes. Do you plan on starching the completed hat to stiffen the yarn so it isn’t flopping all over the place?

  4. Deann

    I’m not sure :) I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet. It is a good idea though, to starch it. I think I have seen some, too, where you knit a piece of wire in the edge of the brim to keep the shape.

  5. My daughter had a darling crocheted hat that was crochet with something like a colorful rafia, it held its shape fantastically, and it could get wet without stretching. I think the windandsea hat had a wire rim.

  6. Greensleeves

    I think you’d look cute in any of them, but I especially like the Summer Slub hat. :)

  7. Deann

    I think I may try out several of these as the Summer goes by :) For a few of them though I will have to source out some light weight cotton, not sure where to find it locally yet.

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