Mondays can be Fun Days.

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I hope you are having a great Monday. I know lots of people do not look forward to Monday so here at StitchGeek we like to try and stitch a bit of humor into our Mondays to make them better. Everything looks better through a laugh and a smile! Here are a few riddles I have found. Do you know any stitchy humor to share with us?

How did the knitter knit a suit of armor?

~She used steel wool.

Why did the monster knit herself 3 socks?
~Because she grew another foot.

A scientist crossed a sheep with a porcupine..
~He got an animal that could knit his own sweaters.

What did the little crocheter dress up as for Halloween?
~Captain Hook, of course!

One of my favorite types of wool is Alpaca. I love how soft it is. So today along with our fun riddles I thought I would share some alpaca memes that I have found floating around on the net. Found quite a few punny ones!

This lovely fellow here is nice and offering us some lunch! (I think we could knit something dreamy with that beautiful white fiber he is wearing too..)

alpaca lunch

This one is funny and yet scary at the same time.. (My kids have a fear of insects.. guess who they get it from?? Yep, that would be me!)


We all know that we are not just knitting/crocheting, but that we are honing our skills for our post-apocalyptic needs… but what about the alpacalypse? Are we prepared for that??