Feature Friday…Play On!

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It’s Feature Friday!

This week we want to feature this fabulous video we found of a knitted and playable piano. Deann and I were so impressed by the ingenuity and creativity of this project.

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The piano is the work of Katie and Connor of the Knit On Scratch On project. Combining textiles with e-learning. The piano was taken out into the street to let people have a play with it. Amazing!

I know I’m not ingenious enough to create a whole knitted playable piano, so I’ve also found some piano-related pattern links to share with you, in the spirit of the video!

First I’ve found these very cool piano socks, designed by Lorri Torrance.

Pianissimo Keyboard Socks pattern by Lori TorranceA Sideways Knitted Sock for the Music Enthusiast

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And staying on the sock theme…if you’re a piano player like me, you’ll appreciate the thought that went into these pedal socks, designed by Kessa Tay Anlin.

Pedal Socks pattern by Kessa Tay AnlinPedal Socks are covers for piano pedals. Pedal Socks protect your pedals from sweat, which corrodes the metal. It is difficult to buy covers that fit the pedals but covers that are too big become pretty cumbersome. These knitted covers will fit your pedals like a glove and protect it without getting in the pianist’s way.

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Here is Thomas Duncan’s perfectly proportioned real-size piano/harpsichord keyboard scarf!

Piano/Harpsichord Scarf (double knit) pattern by Thomas DuncanI saw the idea for this on Ravelry already, and some other similar patterns, but I personally didn’t like the gauge/proportions in any of the other ones, so I created my own chart.

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And not forgetting crochet, this lovely little piano key scarf by Rachel Choi.

Do you play an instrument? Have you ever used it as inspiration for your projects?

Let us know what you think of our hand-picked piano-themed selection!