Love when this happens.

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So true.

The kids and I were on the way home from our vacation last November and decided to stop in at Starbucks on the way to grab some coffee and take a break from being in the van. While we were in line someone complimented me on my hat, and I said thank you and told them I had made it. They went on to ask questions about knitting and such, how long I had been doing it and how I learned.. those kinds of things. Then I said that I had made my sweater too, and they exclaimed “Really!! Oh my, I can’t imagine making something that pretty! I thought for sure you had bought that.. You are awesome!” It really makes you feel good when you can tell people that you made something you are wearing and they love it!

Here you can see the hat and sweater I was wearing, these were not taken at the time in November though. These are from when I had finished knitting each one. The hat I am wearing is my own design called Sail! and will be available here closer to Autumn and the sweater is Antler by Alexa Ludeman of Tin Can Knits.
hat sweater