Ellen’s FO Alert!

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Sound the alarm! I’ve finished a project 

I posted last weekend about the “Boodles” t-shirt yarn I’d bought at Hobbycraft. This came with a free pattern leaflet I picked up in the shop, so I’ve been crocheting the little bag in the pattern. Or attempting to! It still takes me a while to get to grips with crochet patterns and reading the stitches, but I’m getting there.

It’s quite fun to work with, because it’s so bulky it works up very quick. It is stretchy though which can lead to a bit of hook pinging…or catapultation (yes I just made that word up!). It weighs a lot too, each of these spools is almost half a kilo!



And finished bag. Now this is not at all the size of a “shopping bag” as promised in the pattern, but to be fair I do crochet quite tight still. Even so, I think it needed a lot more rounds than given to make it a decent size. However, I am really happy with it, because as you all know I am still learning crochet (a lot) and it doesn’t look too shabby.

It’s the right size to hold a little project in and I’m about to start some mittens so it will do for those. Deann has suggested I add a fabric lining to stop things wiggling through, and I do have some really nice cotton prints to choose from so I think I may do that, just need to do some measuring, cutting and sewing when I get a little time.