Knit some Knockers!

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Jo Dervisoglu from Knitted Knockers UK

I’ve been taking some time to find out about the work of Jo Dervisoglu, Nicky Smith and Catrina Marklew, with the wonderful team of volunteers at Knitted Knockers UK…

So what are Knitted Knockers….?

Knockers are knitted prosthetic breasts for mastectomy patients. And yes they really do the job! The knockers are made from 100% cotton and when placed into a bra they take on the shape and feel of a breast.

Because they are knitted from cotton, they are lighter, more comfortable and, importantly, more breathable than a traditional prosthesis; preventing the heat rash and discomfort that can be faced by many women wearing the silicone ones. Besides which they can be made in a whole variety of beautiful and fun colours!

What does Knitted Knockers UK do…?

The prostheses are knitted by the volunteers at Knitted Knockers, in a range of sizes, and sent out to women following mastectomy surgery, totally free of charge, to women who request them.

A woman will contact the charity to request a certain size and one of the volunteers will take care of the order. They knit the knocker shape and stuff it with poly-fill stuffing, and choose the colour depending on what they have available (all knockers must be made from 100% cotton).

Knitted Knockers are committed to providing prostheses to all women who request one. Knockers are and will always remain free of charge to the recipient.

Knitted Knockers, knit version.
Crochet Knockers.
Crochet Knockers.

Can knockers be crocheted too…?

Yes they can! There are patterns for crochet knockers too, so crocheters can get involved with this great project.

The Knitty/Hooky lowdown (because we are of course StitchGeeks!)

Knockers can be worked either in the round on dpns, in one piece, or worked flat on two needles. The nipples on the knitted ones are made from I-cord. There is also a combined pattern which uses the knitted body along with the crochet nipple. Crochet knockers are worked in the round. The 100% cotton yarn used should be as soft as possible. Sparkly cottons, bamboo cotton and other cotton mixtures are not suitable.

Why make knockers…?

Jo says; “It is lovely to make something personal for someone who has been through something as traumatic as breast cancer, and know you are doing something good for them”.

And we couldn’t agree more!

How can I get involved…?

If you belong to a knitting/crochet group, please let your group know about Knitted Knockers!

For more information visit the Knitted Knockers UK website
The email address for Knitter Knockers is:
If you knit or crochet and would like to help, you can also find the very active and friendly Knitted Knockers group on Facebook here.

If you don’t have time to knit/crochet some Knockers but would still like to help, the charity accepts donations of 100% cotton yarn (as soft as possible!) and cash donations.

Photos courtesy of Knitted Knockers UK & Jo Dervisoglu


Knockers ready to be sent out!
Knockers ready to be sent out!