Stitchbot’s Crafty Crossword

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h1icon1Solve the clues to complete Stitchbot’s wordy challenge! Stitchbot loves feedback, so after you complete it leave her a comment!

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  • 1. Slang for the tangled mess resulting from the inside of a skein spewing out
  • 2. Used instead of rows, when knitting/crocheting in a circular fashion
  • 3. Pair of sticks used for knitting
  • 4. Type of crochet using an elongated hook
  • 5. Substance used to give yarn a colour
  • 6. Way of creating a garment without any sewing
  • 7. Type of colourwork knitting
  • 8. Name for a knitter's/crocheter's hoard of yarn
  • 9. Small piece made before starting a project, to check tension
  • 10. Used to keep your place in your project
  • 11. Dangling yarn left at the end of a project
  • 12. A yarn weight, and also a traditional cabled garment
  • 13. Luxury yarn, from the Musk Ox
  • 14. Neck garment
  • 15. Popular breed of sheep prized for its wool


  • 16. An essential crochet block to learn, often used in blankets
  • 17. Yarn weight very commonly used in the US
  • 18. Small yarn holders used in colourwork
  • 19. Set of instructions for how to make an item
  • 20. Person who creates knitting/crochet patterns
  • 21. Apparatus used to hold yarn when winding into balls
  • 22. Scottish island famous for colourwork knitting
  • 23. Zigzag type stitch pattern
  • 24. Shows the finished measurements of a project, in diagram form
  • 25. Japanese word for cute crocheted/knitted stuffed toys
  • 26. Process used to turn fleece or fibre into yarn
  • 27. Durable yarn fibre, great value for money
  • 28. UK term for bind off

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