Ellen’s FO Alert!

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I finished this up last week, and getting around to sharing with you all!


The project is a mammoth one, that I have been calling the “never-ending blanket of doom”. Because it was never-ending, a blanket, and I felt like I was doomed to make it forever!

It’s crochet, and I don’t do too much crochet yet, I’ve only been learning a few years, so it was good training!

Here are the little squares it is made of, with circles in the centre.



And some photos of gradual growth!



I started this one when I moved house last year, intending it as a house-warming gift to myself, for my bed.

Ten months later, it was finally finished! My blanket contains 440 of these tiny squares, all sewn together. I decided to sew it up as I went along and I am so glad I did that!

It’s finished off with one row of crochet around the edge in the background colour. The pattern I used is Circles Crochet Blanket by Amanda Perkins of the Natural Dye Studio.


I was so tired of making it that it took me a week to weave in the one remaining end when I’d finished it! Therefore it totally counts as a recent FO right?!

I can’t be the only one who has had that ONE project that feels like it will never be done, let me know what yours was!