Mondays can be Fun Days.

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I hope you are having a great Monday. I know lots of people do not look forward to Monday so here at StitchGeek we like to try and stitch a bit of humor into our Mondays to make them better. Everything looks better through a laugh and a smile! Here are a few riddles I have found. Do you know any stitchy humor to share with us?

Deann’s new FO Alert!

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Come check out Deann’s FO Alert! These last two weeks she has been working on baby stuff, and is sharing with us what she has finished. You get a sneak peek at a soon to be released pattern also!

What We’re Working On..

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This week Deann and Ellen have been busy with their families, as well as their knitting. How do you juggle the demands of time so that you still get your crafting in? What are you working on? Don’t forget to visit our forum and show us!

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